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Assalmau-alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu!
On behalf of the ISB Council, I would like to congratulate you on our successful application for and receipt of a grant from the Nonprofit Security Grant Program run by Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). Alhumdulillah, ISB will be receiving $74,675.00 which will go towards upgrading, enhancing and adding to our security infrastructure. Over the next several months you will see contractors on-site conducting these security enhancements.
Our petition was considered noteworthy and a strong contender from thousands of applications that were received. I would like to take a moment and thank the 4-member Grant committee that I had appointed in April 2014. The Grants Committee comprising of Br. Faisel Maniar, Br. Mohsin Majid, Br. Attaulla Khan under the able leadership of Br. Abid Husain worked diligently on each step of this application process. I also thank other volunteers who helped out in the process. Jazakumullahu Khair for all their efforts! 
Islamic Society of Baltimore caters to the needs of more than 800 students on a weekly basis in the Al-Rahmah School, Nursery,Sunday School, Hifz school, Seminary and after-school programs. Masha'Allah, we have good attendance at Jumuah, daily prayers as well as for weekend programs. The security infrastructure upgrades will go a long way in improving the physical security of the ISB campus, Insha'Allah. 
Please continue to keep the Islamic Society of Baltimore in your du'as. For those of our community members who have departed for Hajj, may Allah bless you, accept your pilgrimage and bring you safely back.
Mohammed Abdul Khadeer
Islamic Society of Baltimore
Islamic Society of Baltimore
6631 Johnnycake Road, Baltimore, MD 21244 | Phone:(410)747-4869.

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